Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Financial Principles

There are five financial principles that all should follow in order to survive the last days. These have been taught by our modern day prophets and apostles.

1. Pay tithes and offerings.
2. Put money in savings.
3. Keep a budget.
4. Avoid unecessary debt.
5. Teach children how to keep these principles.

The blessings that come from following these principles are tremendous. I have been blessed greatly in my life when I have followed them. A few years ago I was not following them. I was paying tithings and keeping a budget, but I was not saving and avoiding unecessary debt. I was able to pay bills, but was just a check away from destruction. Today I am still a check away from destruction. However, I am following the five principles. I am slowly moving away from the precipice of financial destruction. By the end of the month I will have 1,000 dollars in emergency savings. I am also paying off debt. It will be a few years before I can breath a sigh of relief, but I know the Lord will help me become free. Once free I can then help others.

I find it distressing that our government follows none of the principles, except one. The government does help others who are in need. The government does not spend within their means. The government does not avoid debt. The government does not teach people to stay out of debt. The government does not save money. Can you see why we need to follow the five principles ASAP?!

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