Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Reason Why

The past month my wife and I decided that we would make a concerted effort to eliminate our debt. This will take many years, but in the end we will be free. As a result our spending habits have changed a little.

Candace has a pair of shoes that have cracks in the soles and let water in. I found them in the garbage a few days ago and asked her why. She told me about the cracks. I told her about Shoe Goo and offered to repair the shoes for her. Normally I would not have bothered, but with money being tight I wanted the shoes to last as long as possible.

I have repaired her shoes and polished them up for her. It was a nice opportunity to give service. But did I give service because I wanted to or because of necessity. I did want to, but I would not have even thought of it had we not changed our spending habits.

This made me reflect on the things I do and the reasons I do them. Does circumstance or a self will create a change of heart. I know that both can occur. I would much rather change myself than be forced to change through circumstances.

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